No one wants to experience a dry fire.  We want to help prevent fires in general.  Our customers are proactive about keeping the appliances in their home in top shape.  We promise full satisfaction of our work.  We have built our reputation on quality work and exceptional customer service.  And believe the customer as their words speak louder than anyone!

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“Prior to contacting Lint Busters, our dryer was growing less and less efficient, requiring that we run it for extended periods of time with only mediocre results. We continually cleaned out the lint catcher, however, I did not realize that the dryer additionally built up lint in other areas of the unit and throughout the standpipe heading out of our house. Robbie from Lint Busters was able to clean out the entire system, and the improved performance was immediate. Drying was far more efficient, and drying times were cut in half, saving money on energy costs. Most importantly, I did not realize that having neglected to undertake such a thorough cleaning had created a fire hazard over time. I watched as Robbie cleaned out the entire dryer, and I was amazed that the lint had become so prevalent that some of it was actually caught up in the back of the dryer drum pressed against the heating element. As he ran the drum in front of me I watched as small pieces of lint hit the element and burst into small fireballs. I had no idea that we had unknowingly created such a dangerous situation. We have now scheduled Lint Busters for annual cleanings to avoid a similar situation. Robbie is professional, honest, and courteous, and the cost of service seems incredibly reasonable when you consider the energy savings alone. “   –Mike LaRosa


“My name is Jonnae’ Peck and I am a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty.  With 16 years of experience, you would think that I would know better about the risk of keeping your dryer vent cleared out.  I have owned several homes that had a dryer vent which vented to the outside.  The current home that I own has the dryer vent, vented through the wall, up through the attic then out the roof.  Unfortunately, I was unaware of the necessity to have that vent cleaned out by a professional Vent Cleaning Company on a regular basis. I have been in my home for over 5 years and had not done the necessary maintenance on the vent. I had purchased a brand new front loader washer and dryer approximately 3 years ago and due to my negligence almost burnt down my house! Thank God I was home when this happened!  The dryer started to smoke due to the lint that had backed up into the dryer and all it takes is one little spark. I immediately shut off the breaker and called Sears to come to service the dryer.  Well, unfortunately the dryer had caught on fire inside and it was time to purchase a new dryer.  The appliance repair man asked if I had ever had my vent cleaned out.  I had never even given that a thought. I then went on a search for a company that does this type of Dryer Vent Cleaning and I found an AWESOME Company to service the vent. Lint Busters Dryer Vent Cleaning- Robert Kates 813-425-4823 Hillsborough and 727-388-9050 Pinellas. I could not have been happier with his professional and fast service!  He even cleaned my gutter on the way down from the roof! I want to get the word out, just in case, someone has this type of vent and is unaware of the importance of maintaining it properly.”  — Jonnae’ Peck

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